Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blarney Castle

view of Irish Countryside from the top of the castle
Me Kissing the stone

The castle and me
The Blarney Castle!!

This past Friday my friends and I decided to take our first day trip by ourselves to the Blarney Castle. We woke up in time to catch the bus and begin our 15 minute bus ride to Blarney. The silly Americans that we are though did not really know when to get off the bus. After much contemplation we decided to ask some Irish people behind us and they said they would tell us when to get off. We thought we had it covered as soon as we got off the bus but we didn't. Where was the castle? So again being stupid Americans we asked someone how to get to the Blarney castle, they then pointed to a path right down the road. We were finally on our way to the castle. We traveled up through the narrow staircases of the castle to get up to the stone. After many freak out sessions we made it. We all kissed the stone, but I was terrified when I got there. Being little and afraid of heights is not a good combination to kiss the stone. After the castle we traveled around the grounds. Then we went to town and ate some dinner. Day trip to Blarney successful.
The next day we went to Kinsale. Kinsale is a little fishing town on the coast. This trip was a little less successful, we got a little too excited about day trips. There is nothing too special about this town and having it be cold, rainy and us all being tired was not a good combo. We were there for about 3 hours 2 of which was spent eating. This day trip= failed.
Despite this failure of 1 good day trip, this weekend was very good and we felt like we all accomplished something with our lives. I love getting out of the city and seeing more of Ireland. Outside of the city is much prettier and is more of what one thinks of when they think Ireland. I love Cork city but it is always nice to some green and countryside.
For my aunt and uncle, I met the girl from summit this weekend. She seemed very nice and is enjoying her time in Ireland as well.
JJ, I haven't had any Guinness yet, I will soon and def will when I go to Dublin.
People at Loyola, I miss you more then you know. Those people who went on Chapel choir retreat I hope it was amazing! As well as those of you who went to Bull and Oyster roast hope that was fabulous! Miss you and love you all!

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