Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, I think I am finally settled in. I have gotten used to walking to campus along the river lee and going to class. Stopping in some coffee shops along the way and admiring the fact that I am in Ireland. Yesterday was a very eventful day. I awoke at 11 and went to breakfast in a small cafe, went to class then my friend Tyler and I walked around the city looking in stores and found me a camera. I then was so excited I had a camera again I took some pictures of my room!! I had class at 6, but this class is over 30 min away from our building, so after a two hour class we, my like 6 girl friends and I, stopped in our favorite pub, grabbed a pint and chatted with our new friend the bartender, Keiran. Later that night, my friends and I were walking home, waiting for the green man to tell us it was okay to cross the street when some guys behind us said "Go, GO" then proceeded to push me into the street as I almost get hit by a car. My friends then pull me back and start yelling at the guy, who is now trying to befriend us. Yes the man who pushed me causing me to almost get hit by a car, wanted to be our friend. We didn't let him and proceeded to walk home carefully to our apartments.
Other then, almost getting hit by a car life here is very lovely. On quiet nights we go to the movie theater which is down the street. Hope everyone's new semester is starting lovely. I miss you and love you all.

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