Tuesday, January 20, 2009

when in cork, we are still american

Nothing really to new in Ireland. I have finally gotten into the schedule of going to class and chilling on the week nights watching one of the 4 tv stations that we get. My core group of girl friends and I booked a trip to France! We are going from Feb 5-8th. The weekend right before Valentine's day. This past weekend we decided to just stay around Cork and experience the city we are in. This up coming weekend though our friend who is abroad in Newcastle is coming down to Ireland. We plan on going to the Blarney Stone and the Jameson Factory. We have made some Irish friends which is exciting. They told us not to kiss the Blarney Stone because it is a very American thing to do...we will anyway because we are American.
Speaking of being American, my friends and I today went to a local pub and watched as our new President was elected! We were still able to watch as history was made in our home country. It was strange to be in Ireland when this happened because it made me so proud to be an American! YAY OBAMA!
Other then all is well. I really want chipotle and a good cheeseburger from poor herbies! People back home PLEASE have one for me! much love and peace!

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