Sunday, January 11, 2009


I just got back from a trip to Killarney, Ireland. Our first trip= success. We went with Loyola and then a group of us decided to stay over at a hostel and see what Killarney was more about. In Killarney we went to the Muskross house which is on a lake. Now despite the fact that there were hurricane like winds and a slight drizzle it was still pretty. Sadly though my camera decided that on my first trip it was going to break. I was slightly angry but I didn't let it ruin my trip. Then we traveled down the road and walked up into the woods to see the Torc waterfall. It was very pretty but I learned just how much I am out of shape. Then our last stop with the whole loyola crew was to Kate Kearney's Collage in Gap of Dunloe. In this cute cottage restaurant we sat in a huge room and ate dinner. Then they had live musicians come and play for us. Along with the musicians were Irish dancers who danced to some of the songs. pretty cool. Then during the break the band took they said that they would take requests as well as be asking those who want to join them for a song they would love it. Apparently they do it at every one of their shows. I decided since I couldn't think of a song I would just keep low and not tell anyone that I can in fact sing. Then our program director here in ireland Mary asked some of the boys if they would sing. Colin boyan said he would think about it. Then she asked my friend Tyler if he could sing and he said no but she does- pointing to me. Now Mary is the sweetest woman and I couldn't let her down. When they came back they played a few songs, then Colin went up and sang. After that I knew i had to, if colin can do it I can. But I didn't know what to sing. So the band gave me a few suggestions and we came up with Country Roads. It was a success! now i can say i sang with an irish band!
Then after the bus dropped us off at our hostel and we went to a pub named the Grand Hotel. Where we saw more live Irish music and a band. Twas a great time!
It is currently pouring in Ireland. our first real rain since we have been here. I figure one week was a good amount of time to wait to introduce us to the rain of Ireland. Talk to ya'll soon! Love ya and miss you. For those Loyola kids enjoy being back and the first week of classes!!! Wish I was there with you!

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