Thursday, January 8, 2009

open your eyes

WELL I am finally settled in here in Cork, Ireland. Tuesday classes started for us and so far they all seem interesting and not to difficult. I am taking 5 classes and still have no classes on friday!!!!
As for the group of people I am with they are all pretty fun to hang out with . Of course I have the friends that I came here with but it is exciting getting to know the other Loyola people. A good amount of us always end up at a pub together which is nice. We are also all generally taking the same classes.
I love the atmosphere of just going out to a pub having a pint and getting to know people. It is very different from the Loyola atmosphere which I like. We have tried numerous pubs in the area and all have their own feel but are bigger then the bars in America.
We have been told by the Irish that this is coldest winter in 5-7 years which is crazy because while it is cold it is only like 32- 40. It has been sunny basically every day which is nice. I am told the rainy season is more Feb and March YAY im so excited for that cold rain.
As for a funny story, I do have one that happened today. We were all walking back to our apartment building from our 9 am class and were all rather tired. We were all just thinking about how we were going to nap. I was talking to someone behind me about how they say half past instead of like thirty, when a bike almost runs me over. I grab on my friend Tylers coat and seriously was suddenly awakened by almost being RUN OVER. Needless to say that nap was not all that successful.
I have been eating the food isn't that different as all from American food, but I think that is because we are in a city. We walk everywhere, so I shall be in shape when I return hopefully ? haha
Well, I hope all is well back in the states feel free to e-mail or leave comments. Oh and as for homesickness it hasn't really hit me yet, thankfully. There are many times when I am just like oh right I'm in ireland!! Well love you all!!!

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  1. i am having serious flashbacks reading this. send my love to leeside and get used to looking right first when you cross the street, haha. have fun!

    also, what apt are you in? i have mail i want to send...

    you're grand, like.