Monday, February 9, 2009


Arc de Triumphe

Versailles in the snow
pyramid at the Louvre
Notre Dame!

Our past weekend was a low key weekend that consisted of watching the Superbowl until around 3a.m. our time and watching one of the coolest half time shows ever. Love Bruce. But this low key weekend was okay due to the fact that on Thursday we were going to be traveling to Paris!

We left for the airport around 3 hours early, so we just sat there and played cards...anxiously awaiting to get to good old Paris. After 3 hours in an airport, and hour and half plane ride and around another hour and a half of train rides, we finally arrived at our Hotel. For 7 girls we booked 2 hotel rooms due to cheap costs and the idea in our head that in America we can fit 4 or 3 in one room. We were in for a surprise. This small French hotel, had a person at the desk all the time and you had to give them your room key when you left. The beds were a queen sized bed or 2 twin beds pushed together. This stressful situation set off the weekend on a bad foot and was the only reason why Paris was not the most wonderful trip that we imagined. After eating dinner at a nice restaurant where we were laughed at for our America ways, we went to bed.

Friday morning we departed our hotel at 9 a.m. and did not return until 11 p.m. It was a long but fun and lovely day. We walked ten minutes from our hotel to the Eiffel Tower. We could not have had a more perfect day to visit here. The clear blue skies allowed for us to take unreal pictures. We got there just in time because when we came down around 10:45 the line was very long. After our adventure to the top and taking lovely view pictures we walked up to the flame by the tunnel where Princess Diane died. Then decided it was time to eat, we needed a croissant from Paris. We did and I had the most delicious croissant of my life. We were fed and on our way to the Arc de Triumphe. Once we reached it we got more unreal pictures of the famous Arc and were able to sit and admire the center of Paris for a while. We decided after a half an hour it was time to walk down the Champs Elysees and headed toward the Meteor to see Notre Dame. It was amazing to go into that Cathedral. The art and atmosphere was unreal. After being awe struck, we walked down the street to shop for 5 euro scarves and eat crepes with Nutella. Delicious! While on our wandering around Paris, we passed an ice skating rank outside where 3 of the girls decided to venture out and try it before we went to the Louvre Museum. Once we reached the Louvre I was awe struck again just by the outside. It was around 5:30 at night which was a lovely time for pictures of the fountains and pyramids. We were so tired that we only stayed in the Louvre for about an hour and a half just enough time to see the main features including the Mona Lisa which is very hard to get pictures of, I might add. If I was too ever go back I would spend an entire day at the Louvre admiring all the lovely art. We were famished and founded an amazing place to eat on the way to the metro, with lovely cheeseburgers:) i was a happy gal.

The next day we got out around 11, we were tired from the the long day before. We walked outside and to the RER stop to travel to Versailles, and it started to snow. We arrived at Versailles and walked in the beautiful snow. Versailles was by far my favorite place in Paris. Snow, beautiful pictures and nature and gardens, a great history lesson and just a very peaceful day in Paris. After our adventure at Versailles we traveled back to the Champs Elysees to get dinner, where we ate for 3 hours. Had a lovely steak, fries, chocolate mousse and some wine.

The next day we awoke at 6:45 a.m. to begin our journey back to Paris, we were ready to go back home to Cork!! We traveled an hour and a half on bus to our airport where we waited for like 4 hours for our flight, had our 2 hour flight, then a 3 hour bus ride to Cork. We finally arrived back at Leeside at 5:30 p.m. We were very very happy to be back in Ireland, Cork and our lovely own beds!

Paris was beautiful and it feels unreal that I was actually in Paris and France. It made me realize though how happy I am to be in Ireland for 5 months and how much I find beauty and joy the in nature and countryside that is Ireland. I love Ireland and am even more sure now that I am happy beyond belief to be here for 5 months of my life!

Hope all is well in the states! Miss ya'll!

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