Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Schools Out For Summer

A lot has happened within the month of March. While the U.S. lost an hour of sleep, Ireland waited a bit longer...so for a brief time there was only a 4 hour difference which was lovely, but that time is over now. We had 2 weeks of crazy work after all of Loyola invaded Cork. St. Patrick's Day occurred and was an unreal experience in Ireland then two days later we had to take a midterm.

That same day in March my sister, Erin, came to visit. Due to the fact that she is the only family coming over and I love her, I was so excited!!! I showed her the usual places we go..aka the Thirsty. She got to kiss the Blarney Stone after waiting an hour in line to climb up to the top of the castle. This hour long wait also allowed me to witness the luck she has compared to my brother and me. Sarah, Cathy, Erin and I were blessed to be taken by Dave to see Courtmacsherry, the beach. Also in the same day we all got to experience history in the making when Ireland won the 6 nations Rugby match, grand slam, and for the first time since 1948...61 YEARS and we got to witness it. It was a crazy game that I am so blessed to have been in Ireland from. Erin and I also went on the Ring of Kerry Tour and had the most beautiful weather so far in Ireland. Erin got to experience some of JJ and my luck. Erin also made my roommates and me delicious meals, converting Cathy to her amazing mash potatoes and Sarah to soft boiled eggs (they are becoming true strong's now). Erin left on Tuesday the 24th in the a.m. I was so happy to have shown her my life in Ireland and had the best time with her.

Later that day though I took my first final and that Thursday handed in a paper. Thankfully though, that Thursday the 26th was our last day of classes. The whole month of April is Spring/ Easter Break!! I have a bit of relaxing time here before leaving on April 13th til the 27th to go to Portugal (Faro and Lisbon), Barcelona, Sicily,and Rome!!! I return just in time to do some work, celebrate my birthday, finish all work by the 18th and have 2 weeks in May to spend in Cork. We all can't believe that there are only 2 months left here in Cork. It will be so sad to leave but will be good to go back home and start seeing our bank accounts go up instead of down for a change.

Glad to see Relay for life at Loyola was a success and an amazing experience for another year. I will be watching Saturday cheering on Nova in the Final 4!!! GO NOVA!!! And I will still anxiously await to watch Lost on Thursdays, Grey's on Friday's and American Idol on Saturday's to keep me up to date with American T.V. :) Much Love to everyone in the states!!

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