Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So close to the sea you forget to count the days

I'm BACK!!!! After 2 weeks of being a world traveler I am back in Cork. While I was away for 2 weeks I felt like I was traveling for much much longer...a sign that I truely went on holiday. Within these two weeks I went to Faro and Lisbon Portugal, Barcelona, Sicily and Rome. Having most of these cities be on the coast and also being much further down than Ireland, it was around 21 degrees C. So I got some good color and got to lay on the beach. My favorite place was Barcelona but I also truely loved Rome and Vatican City. Maura had it right when she said it is like Catholic Disneyworld. Portugal was also lovely but I seem to forget it because it feels like so long ago. Sicily was not what we expected but had the best food. Barcelona had a very chill and hippie feel to it as well as great beaches and water where we could walk to.

Each place made me think of different people back home even though I was traveling the world relaxing. Portugal obviously made me think a lot about Sissy and how I hope to one day return with her knowing what to do and understanding the people better. Barcelona made me think of Loyola because a bunch of us were all there and went out. It was a city that all of Loyola would enjoy! It also made me think of Erin and JJ because it was our type of place and could have pleased all of us. Sicily where I had the best steak of my life I thought of Sunday night dinners at Poor Herbies wishing my whole family could experience the joy of it.

Now Rome. First the Vatican I thought of how amazing the tour and experience would be with all of Campus Ministry who could experience in the joy and awe with me. I also mainly thought of Sean who would have had a field day there! At the Forum where there were tons of Ruins Erin would have loved it and would never have stopped talking about that Ruins that she suddenly become obsessed with.
I also went to Mass with the Pope which was amazing which is something I hope and know anyone would love.

I loved my travels and have so many pictures to show all of you. I am filled with so many emotions of excitement now because there is only a month left I am excited for the last month, excited to go home and sad to leave. I turn 21 in 2 days which is crazy and am going to be going into my last year of college in August. Miss you all and be back in the states in a MONTH!!!

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